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Registered Charity No 327271

Roy Wheeler (Chair)

Roy has served as chair of the board of trustees for a significant number of years. Along with his wife, Dorothy, he pioneered and led Colchester Area Community Church for over 25 years before handing on the leadership during 2009.  Roy and Dorothy now function in a pastor/teacher role in the Plumbline family of churches and more widely, including serving a number of overseas relationships.  Prior to entering into full-time ministry in 1990, Roy was on the senior management development career path of a major UK bank. Contact

Jonathan Gray

Jonathan works as an insurance underwriter for Lloyds of London and is also pursuing a career in politics. He is Chair of Trustees of Huntingdonshire Community Church.  Contact:

Paul Brown (Secretary)

Paul was Pastor of Trinity Life Church Royston for 16 years until handing over the leadership there in 2011 to embark on ministry as a school teacher.  He has served as a Plumbline trustee for many years and has a passion for overseas mission.  He is married and has three teenage children.  Contact:

Plumbline is a registered charity number 327271. The Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the charity to ensure that it meets its legal obligations, complying with charity law and with the requirements of the Charity Commission as regulator. They ensure that Plumbline is solvent, well-run, and delivers the outcomes for which it has been set up. The Trustees also provide wisdom, advice and support to Simon and the Core Team.

For more information from the Charity Commission about the role and responsibilities of Trustees, please click here.

Tony Hodge

Tony is Pastor of Newmarket Community Church, moving on 5 years ago from the leadership team of Trinity Life Church, Royston where he served as Treasurer for a number of years and remains a Trustee.  Before entering full-time ministry Tony worked for 30 years in the public sector as a biomedical science researcher and more latterly a manager working in protection of intellectual property and getting involved in personnel and finance cases too.


Peter Matthews

Peter qualified as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant in 1973 and retired from his secular job as Head of Finance at Ipswich Borough Council in 2005.  He has acted as Treasurer for a number of charities over the years and took over the role of Treasurer of Plumbline Ministries in September 2012, when he handed over the senior leadership of Capel Community Church.