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Registered Charity No 327271

Alan Ross Prophecy for Plumbline – 16 November 2010

The Lord bless you.  And I believe the Lord would give me a word now for Plumbline as a stream.  And this word will be recorded as all the words will be recorded.  And I believe the Lord is saying to you as a people, see, I keep doing new things.  See, I keep releasing truth amongst you that will change the mindsets that you have been functioning in.  The Lord says, I have given this stream wonderful headship.  There is a wise, mature headship of Christ that oversees the works that I have called this stream to perform for me.  But the Lord says always, always, always, I have led you to do things beyond what you are aware of doing.  And part of that, says the Lord, is to model authentic, New Testament living to the Christian church in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.  The Lord says, that’s why there’s been such severe warfare.  That’s why I always draw people to Plumbline that are men and women of a different spirit.

The Lord says, this season I am leading you into will be a season of great change, for I am opening up Plumbline, says the Lord, to a missionary anointing, that as a people you will send out missionaries to other lands.  The Lord says that this will be something clear and obvious, for I will be releasing to you men and women from fellowships where the missionary calling has been rejected.  I will be sending you men and women from other streams that have been rejected under the guise of “Your calling doesn’t quite fit who we are and what we’re about.”  The Lord says a prelude to that will be the installation of spiritual hospitals in many of your fellowships, for I am putting within the shepherds of this movement the spirit of carers, the spirit of spiritual doctors bringing forth accurate diagnosis and prognosis of deep wounds that have come into believers’ lives in other places.

The Lord says, immediately I will intensify the spirit of family that you are walking in.  I will allow events to take place within this stream that will cause you all to gather together and say, “Surely this is the family of God that I will fight for, that I will protect, that I will be available for.”  This is an hour of new days of unity, for in the last season there’s been an element of fragmentation coming to leadership perspectives, and this was necessary as part of the transition that I ordered, says the Lord.  But the Lord says there will be a new unity coming into top-level leadership in this stream that will immediately download apostolic truths to the shepherds and leaders of this movement to intensify a spirit of family.  The Lord says people only value something they have had to fight for and in recent days the very nature and identity of Plumbline as a stream has become blurred, but the Lord says as you walk this through by the eyes of my Spirit, the nature and identity of Plumbline will be clarified from a kingdom perspective, and this you will fight for.

I will change some of the values and ethos of Plumbline.  The Lord says, up to this point in time you have been a church-planting organisation. You have been a church and a stream that has gathered people.  But the hour is coming, says the Lord, when the churches that you have planted will begin to multiply and move throughout the United Kingdom and move throughout the Republic of Ireland.  The days will come, says the Lord, when there will be a planting of Plumbline churches in Northern Ireland, that there will be an expansion of the movement into Northern Ireland.

I am changing the way that you learn as a community, says the Lord.  I will work systematically to build deep kingdom themes into all of your consciousness, but the Lord says all of this will take place on a deeply intrinsic basis, invisible to the eye, and the growth will be measured organically.  For as a people, says the Lord, I am moving you into a season of prayer, and even a season of soul-searching.  I will give you more time as a people to reflect, more time as a people to seek my face, for immediately you will become a hearing people, says the Lord. Immediately there will be a unity of message that comes up from the rank and file of the body to the top levels of the movement.  The Lord says, seek cohesion of thought, seek unity of purpose, for the foundation is already in place.  I have completed the original laying of a foundation.  That process is over, says the Lord, and all that I do from this point on will be to take the work to a new level, for I am with you and I am pleased with you, says the Lord, because of the sincerity of spirit in which you have laboured and the integrity of your decision-making processes, says the living God.

Alan Ross Prophecy for Simon and Julia – 16 November 2010

Bless you Lord for this wonderful couple who have laboured apostolically in the last season but have worn many hats over the years.  You name it, you’ve done it.  You’ve been the head cook, you’ve been the bottle-washer, butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, deacon, elder, at times dancing deacons because you love praise and worship – you’ve known great diversity in your kingdom experience.

The Lord says this is a couple I have tested at every level.  This is a couple that I have tested every aspect of their character and every aspect of the divine calling I have placed upon their lives.  The Lord says I have brought you to a place of faith, that when you see something unravel you recognise this is a day of new beginnings.  And this is a principal word for you as a couple: this is a day of new beginnings, this is an hour where as a stream I’m going to give you a fresh organisational structure.  I’ve called Plumbline to be churches that multiply and the organisational structure that I will give you will release the apostolic through Plumbline networks that will enable them to multiply effectively.

I’m also going to give you vision, says the Lord, for gospel outposts in communities.  I will visit you both simultaneously with this and give you insights of how the grace of God could meet specific people groups when they’re working through specific situations.  You’re outside-of-the-box thinkers.  Simon, there’s a spiritual entrepreneur about you.  There’s something about you that would like to do things that have never been done before.  You’re a man that seeks life.  You’re a man that can learn very very quickly.  The prophetic part of you has developed that when you hear something communicated and you’re part of a group, the prophetic part of you leaps up and says, this will work, this is truth.  Others around you are more hesitant and say, well I’m not sure about this, I heard of a church in such-and-such a place that tried this and it all kind of fell apart in three months.  But you’re a man that can conceive truth very quickly.  Now you will begin the process of implementing apostolic unction as I develop you, says the Lord, with a new organisational structure and perspective.

The enemy has caused some people in England and Republic of Ireland to have a wrong perception about Plumbline.  I’m going to correct that perception, says the Lord, and I’m going to remove the invisible shield, the perspex shield, that separates Plumbline from other expressions of the church.  The Lord says, the greatest frustration in your heart, Simon, is the knowledge that the people are relational and that the stream was designed primarily for relationships. The Lord is increasing the anointing in your own life, Simon, to birth spiritual hospitals in Plumbline churches.  There will be anointing and days of training where the wounded in spirit can be taken care of.  The Lord says I’m giving you a burden for burnt-out leaders and wounded saints, and Plumbline will be part of my vision for this part of the world, to restore burnt-out leaders to ministry and wounded saints to fellowship.  I’ve always illuminated in your spirit, says the Lord, people that you have to invest heavily in.  You’re primarily an investor in people, Simon.  You know that what you reproduce in other people will bear much fruit in other places.  The Lord says that I am shuffling the pack called the life of Simon at this time.  I am shuffling the cards and I will show you the face of some of the cards and I will cause other cards to remain hidden for a season, but when I show you the face they will begin to make more sense.

I’m doing a very deep work within you to position you for your final generation upon the earth, but the Lord says, son I would have you enjoy your legacy while you’re in the land of the living.  You are an Elijah, man of God.  But your calling will survive you, for when you pass away, says the Lord, I will have already raised up an Elisha that will continue the work that you have begun.  There will be a time of impartation when you will lay hands on your Elisha, and the anointing that you carried will come on them double portion, says the Lord.  But as I begin to minister more and more into the inner denizens of your spirit, I will be speaking to you on eternal matters, I will be speaking to you on intensely personal matters.  The Lord says that the things of this earth will grow strangely dim as I move you along a pathway, a place that you have never walked before, says the Lord, as I move you into a time of high calling for my glory, says God.

Julia, the Lord shows me you’re such a mother of the people, there’s a mother Israel in you.  And your heart can be bruised very quickly, not only with your own children’s situations, but the things that the people of God are going through in this season perplexes you.  It used to be there was a standard set of answers to a standard set of problems.  And all of that has gone in your life.  You find much of modern life perplexing, but you’re up for the challenge.  You’re a curious mixture of tradition and radical.  The traditional part of you functions well in the familiar and you draw lots of comfort from the familiar.  There’s been such a shift in your life over the first ten years of this millennium that you are seeking more and more the familiar because it’s comfortable.  And I will allow this to continue, says the Lord, but I am imparting to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation this afternoon to give you better perspective.  The Lord says I will realign your thoughts and emotions, that you will have better perspective in what you have walked through the last ten years of your life upon the earth.  But the Lord says I call forth the radical this day.  The radical has been put on the shelf for a season, but I’m bringing the radical side of you back down.

Your greatest strength, Julia, is modelling things to people.  Your greatest strength is being and then people catch what you have become.  Model strength to the weak, model courage to the fearful, model hope to the hopeless, model my love and compassion to the needy, for I have given you a great love for the needy, I have given you a great love for the downtrodden.  It’s the mother Israel in you that I have made you to be, says the Lord.  But as your husband is going on a journey of greater diversity, so you will be there with him and there will be short cycles when you link arm and arm to your husband and go to the nations for me, says the Lord, on fact-finding missions. The Lord says I will refresh you for short times in the nations of the earth, to give you a sense of refreshing, to give you a sense of perspective.

The Lord says in your life and calling January 1st 2011 is a day of new beginnings, small beginnings.  A seed will grow in both of you that will separate you from much of what you have already accomplished, but connect you to what I have called you to do and be for me as my holy calling continues to unfold in your lives, says the living God.